New Digs

December 24, 2016

I decided to finally move all of my embarassingly old and obsolete posts from WordPress to a shiny new static site. It is amusing to see static sites back in vogue again but it makes a lot sense when you consider the ongoing security and management hassles associated with hosting your own WP site. The client-side tooling has improved a lot as well. The workflow of using a local text editor, running a simple publish script, and versioning everything with git is pretty nice.

I ended up using Hugo and everything is hosted on S3/Cloudfront. The free TLS is a fair tradeoff for the relatively minimal amount of AWS lock-in this type of site entails. I considered using Let’s Encrypt but didn’t want to go through the extra hassle of setting up automation to renew the cert every 90 days.

Now, if only I can keep the posts on the front page to be from within the last half-decade…